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Rich Clune is a badass. He has tattoos, a black eye is one of his most frequently worn accessories and he enjoys punching people in the face (on the ice). What you may not know about Rich is that he's very smart, extremely close with his family and is over 4 years sober. After some seriously wild years, he went to rehab, cleaned up his life and now shares his story to help others struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. If you think being sober makes Rich any less of a badass, you're wrong. He's still crazy, funny and weird - the dude is anything but boring.
Follow the Nashville Predators left winger on Instagram: Richcluneshow and Twitter: @richcluneshow. You will be entertained. 
Who is your favorite person to fight in the league?
I'd love to get my hands on that little fuckin' Roussel on Dallas again. I don't hate him, he's just got that face you want to punch. I probably have that too though. 
What's the best city to play in besides Nashville? 
New York is fun to go to. I grew up in Toronto and I like big cities - New York is the biggest city of them all. There's a lot to do when you go there and it has a lot of culture and history.
You like playing in The Garden?
Yeah it's a pretty cool atmosphere. I mean, I certainly don't like going to Winnipeg. 
Besides hockey, what's your favorite sport & athlete?
I'm kinda weird I don't watch many sports but I like the UFC. There's a new featherweight Conor McGregor, an Irish kid, he's pretty entertaining and a good fighter. 
Biggest beauty in the league?
James Neal. The new teammate. My old running mate from when I was 20 in the American League. He's got a hot girlfriend now, he's a good hockey player, has a lot of tattoos and he's a good guy - always in a good mood. And because he kneed Marchand in the back of the head.
Hottest wife in the NHL?
I'm not gonna base my answer on looks, I'm gonna base it on personality and what I know of them as a person. Carrie Underwood is a great girl. It goes without saying that she's a gorgeous woman, but out of respect for Fish, I'm not gonna call her hot. She's pretty funny and has a good personality. Also, Sean Avery, who's retired, probably has the hottest wife in maybe all of hockey, ever. Hilary Rhoda. 
What do you see yourself doing after hockey? 
I work with my brothers and we have a couple of projects that we are patiently waiting to get green lit. Our passion is writing and developing movies and television shows. Our first few projects are going to be based out of the U.S. but we'd like to revamp Canadian content. Any talent in the entertainment industry immediately goes to America, so we are going to at least try and do something here in Toronto to add to Canadian entertainment. My brothers put in more work than I do right now because I'm still very focused on playing hockey. I really want to play hockey until my mid 30s - if I could play the game until 35 I'd be a happy man. 
What's your favorite of all your tattoos?
[Has tattoos on arms, chest, back, both ribs and one that runs from low stomach to mid thigh]
Thankfully, I don't have a Canadian maple leaf with two hockey sticks going through it. That's the hockey tramp stamp. That's the most common tattoo in Junior Hockey and Pro Hockey. My favorite of mine is the one on my left rib. It's a quote from a Hunter Thompson book: "Too weird to live, too rare to die."
What is your biggest fear?
In your opinion: the #1 texting DON'T ?
If someone hasn't responded to your text, don't call them out on it. There's a reason they haven't replied: A) The person hasn't read it yet B) They've read it and maybe need time to think about an answer C) They don't want to fucking talk to you, so let it go. It's just such a turnoff when someone harasses you saying "why aren't you answering me?"  You can see the insanity coming out of a person that way. Oh also, if you're a dude: don't send dick pics. And don't ask a girl to send a naked picture, just take what comes your way. It's a lot classier if you let things happen organically.
Best song to workout to? Best song to, um, "make love" to?
This is how weird I am: right before I'm about to do a serious leg workout and I know it's going to be grueling and I'm kind of afraid to do it, I'll listen to Lana Del Rey on the car ride there. It's sad, mellow, slow and it just fuckin' makes me ready to go.
["What's making love?"]
"Wicked Games" & "Kiss Land" - The Weeknd
Most embarrassing moment?
One time when we were rookies, James Neal and I were sitting around talking about one of our teammates and my cell phone accidentally butt dialed the guy and left a voicemail on his phone of us just sitting there chirping him so hard. It was bad; we were 20 years old and the guy was a veteran player. But everything we said was true; he was an asshole. It basically turned into us telling a veteran player we thought he was the biggest dick ever and he heard every single thought we had about him deep down inside of us, on a voicemail. 
Celebrity crush?
Karen from Californiacation. [Great answer.]
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