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Dustin Penner has got it all: two Stanley Cups under his belt, lives the dream in Newport Beach, two sons [giant dogs] and accomplished his life goal, making it to the NHL, at a very young age. Not many people in the world can say the grass truly isn't greener and they're very happy with their life - Penner is one of the lucky few who can. He's a simple guy with a good head on his shoulders and an intelligent sense of humor. If you date Dustin, you'll never be the funny one in the relationship [his words - I'd agree]. He's humble, yet comfortable with himself and doesn't care what people think about him - which is perfect for No Filter Blog. 
What is your proudest hockey moment?
Making it to the NHL. Also, winning two Stanley Cups would be up there. 
Which cup felt sweeter?
Both of them were great in different ways. The first one [with Anaheim] I couldn't really appreciate because it was my rookie year and you don't truly understand what it means, especially because there are guys who have played 20 years and never won one. The second one [with the Kings] was nice because of the way we did it and being LA's first cup in 45 years was special in its own right. 
If you could trade lives with any dude in the league for one day, who would it be and why?
Crosby or Ovechkin. They have leverage that a lot of players don't get in their careers, like Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. I just want to see what it's like to have that type of power.
If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be doing?
I would probably be back home in Manitoba and if it were a dream, I'd say professional golfer. 
What is the best part about being in the NHL?
For me, it was always a dream since I was 4 years old. Once you get there, it's an amazing feeling knowing that you are one of very few people in life who have achieved their goal. You are part of a select group who can say they have played in the NHL and I think there are only 6,000 people in the world who have played one game or more in the league.
Who do you think is the biggest beauty in the league?
Teemu Selanne. I've never heard a bad word said about him and I've never seen him do anything but smile when he's at the rink. That's another guy I'd probably like to be, over Crosby and Ovechkin, is Teemu Selanne. 
Favorite teammate of all time? 
Ethan Moreau. I played with him on the Edmonton Oilers. 
What's your favorite sport to follow outside of the NHL and who is your favorite athlete?
I don't watch a lot of sports on tv. My favorite to watch are tennis and golf - I'm a huge fan of Federer. 
What are some things on your bucket list?
A wife and kids, but based on that crazy girl matrix it seems that's going to be tough. Maybe travel a bit. I'm a pretty simple guy, I've done everything I've wanted to do for the most part. I'd like to beat Brendan Steele in golf, though. 
What's the craziest thing a fan has ever said or done to you?
I've dished out 3 restraining orders in my life. One of them, I never met her, would make fake Dustin Penner Facebook accounts and create conversations between her account and the mock account of me and make a relationship. She hacked into my e-mail too. One day the officer called me from Massachusetts and said: "we have her in custody but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you this, and you're probably not going to like it." I'm a curious person so I said, "well, go ahead and tell me." The cop said: "we put her in handcuffs and she laughed and said 'this isn't over.'" 
Another good one: my first year pro we were signing autographs after the game. I was going down the line of fans and I get to a girl who was probably 16 years old and she asked "will you have sex with me?" I immediately got flushed in the face and she was standing right beside her mom. I looked at her mother and the mom was nodding her head and said "yes, will you?" I just kept walking - that's not something MY mother would ever encourage!
What's the most romantic thing you have ever done?
One of my exes kept going on and on about a nice Herve Leger dress she saw. One day she was shopping on Rodeo Drive and I knew she would go try on the dress, so I called there and prepaid for it. I told the people that work there to tell her to keep it after she's done trying it on. 
The best kind of pictures on Instagram are _________?
Right now I really like the provocative, innuendo type pictures by "famous" Instagram models. Not because of how sexual they are, but because they pass it off as inspirational due to what they put in the caption. Such as "Never Give Up" and "Believe In Your Dreams" under a picture of them bent over where you can see the outline of certain body parts. It's great comedy!
What's a female fashion item that should be burned?
Fake hair. [When you run your hands through it, it's like a shopping mall parking lot: speed bump, speed bump.] Fake anything really bothers me. Also that app that airbrushes and blurs out blemishes on your skin. Do girls not know that we know it's not what they look like? It's amateur airbrushing.
And for men?
I'm not a big fan of stylish hats. Unless you're bald, I can understand. Also - bracelets, for the sake of fashion. [If you have to look in the mirror and say "that bracelet doesn't look good on that wrist, I'm gonna move it to the other one to look more symmetrical."]
If a guy sees a beautiful girl in a bar, how should he approach her in order to get her number?
Most guys are a little creepy, a little obvious.. I would just do the opposite. If you keep making eye contact or you see her looking over, I would approach her and start a simple conversation. My approach is always saying something funny but not obviously funny. If she doesn't get witty or intelligent humor, I don't want to talk to her anyways. For example, if I see a pretty girl I'll say something like "you must've been rushed to come out tonight, eh?" and just see how she reacts. If she asks what I mean I would say "Oh I dunno, based on your appearance you might have been in a hurry." 
What's your most embarrassing moment?
I don't really get embarrassed but this could count. I was watching tv in bed with a girl I was seeing and she asked if I farted. I would've been honest had I done it, but I didn't. She got up to go to the bathroom and I was sniffing and I was like "Jesus". I stepped out of the bed and when I put my planting foot down, I slipped because I stepped in dog shit. I looked up and there were four piles and I start freaking out. I knew for girls, seeing four piles of crap in a bedroom is a definite mood killer. That was the closest I've come to being embarrassed. 
Biggest turnoff?
Fake personality. I can get past the hair extensions and all of that, but if you have a bad personality and a bad sense of humor - you can't change that. I can convince you to not wear hair extensions and cool it with the makeup, you know, water it down there a bit, Crusty. But I can't make you funny. 
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